Our Dough

Our authentic German bread rolls and loaves are produced using a first-class homemade traditional wheat dough as well as slow baking and a 3-stage natural sourdough. This ensures a better taste, as well as the conservation of freshness and a longer storage life.

The single-stage, wheat-based pre-dough is made before the actual preparation of the dough. During the long maturation period, the most important taste-producing substances are created as a result of enzymatic decomposition.

In connection with this, the tasteless complex sugars in the flour (e.g. starches) are converted into single and double sugars as a result of enzyme activity. You can taste these types of sugar, which also create that authentic characteristic of the crust. As a result of the long maturation period, the yeast cells multiply naturally. At the same time, the acids, esters, and other flavors develop fully, which effects the aroma positively.

The loaf and bread roll specialities are leavened using an unadulterated, 3-stage natural sourdough. The sourdough is made using a very complex method which optimally brings together the traditional expertise of a craftsman, experience, and modern, computer-assisted technology: „as much craftsmanship as possible, as little technology as necessary“.

In order to make our high-quality, 3-stage natural sourdough, we do not use any sourdough machinery. The sourdough still matures traditionally in the boiler. But it is not only its inimitable taste which makes our 3-stage natural sourdough so valuable. Its microorganisms decompose phytin during the long maturation period. This is an antibody within the cereal which sits in the skin of the grain and binds minerals to itself, such as zinc and magnesium. As a consequence, these minerals can be absorbed more effectively by the human body. Using the traditional sourdough method, it is possible to obtain a particularly tasty, healthy loaf.