Why is German bread the best in the world?

Despite the evil carbs, Germans love their bread and simply can’t live without it.

Whether it’s for breakfast, fresh out of the oven with homemade jam, for lunch as a side with a Green Salad, a ‘Pausenbrot’ (school break bread) or for ‘Abendbrot’ (bread for dinner) – it’s a tradition that is part of everyone’s lives.

But why?

The oldest still active German bakery was founded in 1591 in Darmstadt, so it literally has a long history.

Because of the German climate, rye and spelt crops can grow better which make up that authentic rustic and wholesome taste of German bread. There are now over 3,200 different German bread types created by bakers across the country, making them the world champion of breads.

German bread consists of healthy, high fibre, natural ingredients making it the number one choice for people living a wholesome life, who don’t want to end up with a growling tummy after eating a piece of white toast.

Since 2014 bread has actually become a cultural heritage, demonstrating the importance it has in the Germans’ lives.