The First Pretzel

The company name ‘Brezel’ is the German word for pretzel, a baked pastry made from dough that is shaped into a knot, treated with lye and sprinkled with salt.

It is a baked good that Germans, especially in Bavaria can’t live without – no wonder why as it is a versatile product which goes well for breakfast with a German sausage, lunch or dinner as part of the Germans’ ‘Brotzeit’ or snack time with some butter on it.

Its origin is not 100% clear, some say European Christians handed out pretzels as a reward to children who learned their prayers and in Germany some say it was invented by desperate bakers held hostage by local dignitaries.

The German name ‘Brezel’ and its form may derive from the Latin word ‘brachium’ meaning 'little arms', as monks used to fold their arms for a prayer.

The Bavarian legend of the first pretzel says it actually originated by accident. A baker at the royal coffee house accidentally used lye, which was supposed to be used for cleaning the baker’s trays, to ice the pretzels instead of sugar. They loved it so much that they continued using lye. Ever since the pretzel has been a landmark among German bakers.