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German Marble Cake Recipe

Who doesn't love a pretty authentic German Marmorkuchen aka Marble Cake. That's why we're sharing this delicious recipe with you today: Ingredients 200 g   soft butter or dairy free alternative 160 g   sugar 20g      vanillin sugar 1 Tsp.   shreds of lemon rind 2 Tbsp Rum 6          egg yolks 6          egg whites 1 Tsp    salt 120 g   sugar 280 g   flour 1 Tsp.   Baking Powder 100 ml lukewarm milk or dairy free alternative 20 g     cocoa powder   Mix the soft butter with 160g of sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon rind and the rum until creamy. Divide the eggs and fold the egg yolks to the butter/sugar mixture. Beat the egg whites with salt until stiff, then add the remaining 120g...

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