German Marble Cake Recipe

Who doesn't love a pretty authentic German Marmorkuchen aka Marble Cake. That's why we're sharing this delicious recipe with you today:


200 g   soft butter or dairy free alternative

160 g   sugar

20g      vanillin sugar

1 Tsp.   shreds of lemon rind

2 Tbsp Rum

6          egg yolks

6          egg whites

1 Tsp    salt

120 g   sugar

280 g   flour

1 Tsp.   Baking Powder

100 ml lukewarm milk or dairy free alternative

20 g     cocoa powder


Mix the soft butter with 160g of sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon rind and the rum until creamy.

Divide the eggs and fold the egg yolks to the butter/sugar mixture.

Beat the egg whites with salt until stiff, then add the remaining 120g of sugar.

 Mix the baking powder with the flour and add it slowly to the mass together with the milk and the egg whites. Only use a wooden spoon to fold it all gently together. Put half of the dough into cake tin, then add cocoa powder to the other half and put it on top. Run a fork through the middle of it to create the marble look. 

Bake for 60min at 160 degrees Celsius. Once cooled down, put some icing sugar on top and enjoy it!