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Finally, an authentic German bakery on the Gold Coast!

When you enter our authentic German bakery Brezel, you will immerse into the wonders of German artisan baked goodness. German bread & co is loved by Europeans and people from all around the world as the taste, texture and amount of wholesome nutrition cannot be found in any other baked goods. Our bakers are passionate about providing top notch products to our valued customers.

Bread, Rolls & Pretzels

Catch the Germans’ most famous selection of healthy rye sourdough breads &co fresh every day.

Montville Coffee

Our locally roasted organic coffee made by our Baristas goes smoothly with our baked goods.

Fresh Sandwiches

Using our wholesome bread rolls and pretzels, we offer delicious sandwiches including the famous Bavarian Leberkaes Semmel. Vegetarian, Dairy and Egg Free options available, too.

Pastries & Cakes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our authentic German pastries and cakes including Black Forest and Beesting.


Whether you’re looking for catering for a corporate event,
private function or even a sporting event, we can supply you with authentic
German food platters that are nothing out of the ordinary.

Visit Us

201 Varsity Parade
Varsity Lakes, QLD

Monday, 7:00am - 3:00pm

Tue - Fri, 6.30am - 3.00pm
Saturday, 6.30am -12pm


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